Sanitary Engineering

From a single family home to a light commercial building, Harding Engineering can design the system to handle your waste stream.

Soil investigations, site evaluations and sanitary design load calculations provide the necessary information for Harding Engineering to design an on-site sanitary system to treat & dispose of waste while protecting the environment.

Percolation Tests, soil strata investigations and site drainage evaluations: save thousands in system designs & repairs and evaluate failed systems repair options.

  • Residential Sanitary Systems
    Harding Engineering can design a sanitary system based on the number of bedrooms to fit your area and your needs.
  • Commercial Sanitary Systems
    Harding Engineering can evaluate your business sanitary load and design a system to fit your area and your needs.
  • Sanitary System Repairs
    Current NY State Department of Health requirements requiring NY State Professional Engineers to be responsible for the evaluation and design all system repairs.