Water Engineering Services

Will there be enough water when I need it? And when I do, will there be enough water pressure?

Estimating demand, treating raw water and sizing the pipe, to supply all your water needs; Harding Engineering will analyze and design the distribution network to supply what you need.

Stormwater Management Plans and River Engineering are part science, part art and partly intuitive.

Stormwater Management Plans fall under two categories;

  • temporary for use during construction
  • permanent for use with the final project.

Past Projects:

Water Supply Network Analysis & Designs

Expanding your development or a new connection to the existing distribution network, requires modeling the entire system. Harding Engineering can model the:

  • existing and proposed water systems,
  • evaluating Fire Flow Demand on the available supply,
  • create piping networks that afford problem isolation,
  • trace constituent levels within the network.