Unique Engineering Services

“Your project is a “ONE OF A KIND” project, with it’s own specific needs and criteria. From a custom home, to a SPECIALIZED retaining wall, to a new sign, your project deserves, specialize and professional attention.

In 1988, we started out BY helping another engineer with SPECIAL projects, he didn’t want.
Unique projects, are a specialty of Harding Engineering; they offer unique challenges, with “One of a Kind” solutions.

One-of-a-Kind” projects may require, an inter-discipline approach.

Past project:

Building Site Development

Each site is developed to efficiently utilize the property while maximizing and orchestrating:

Pool Filtration Systems

Each pool is unique with unique flow & filtrations systems. Filtration systems must account for design:

Waterline Designs

Proper pressure, future problem isolation and contamination prevention are paramount in developing potable water delivery systems.

Campground Expansions Designs

From communing with nature in rugged remote sites, to sites with all the amenities, Harding Engineering can help you "maximize the fit" to your campers.

Foundation Designs

Harding Engineering can design the foundation to meet your needs for custom and Pre-Fab buildings:

Site Development

Harding Engineering can help you:

Real Estate Sub-divisions

Land development requires the project management and coordination between a myriad of partners and agencies:

Underwater Structural Inspections

Integrity evaluations of your: